What Is The Difference Between Changing A Lock And Re-Keying It?

You may have heard that when you move into a new home you've just bought (or even, in some cases, a rental home if your rental agreement allows it), changing the locks, or having the entire home re-keyed, is a good step to take for security reasons. After all, you don't want to allow access to the past five residents of your house who just happen to still have a key lying around (or anyone unscrupulous who manages to get their hands on that key). But what's the difference between changing the lock or re-keying? Here are three ways in which these processes differ.

1. Re-keying doesn't require buying new locks

If you're going to change all the locks in your house, you're going to have to buy all new locks and all new keys. If you re-key, though, you'll only need new keys; the process uses your old locks but makes each lock fit a different key. This is great because it means you can re-use all the same locks you currently have.

2. Re-keying is usually done by a locksmith

It's a good idea to hire a locksmiths for rekeying, although a determined handyman homeowner can probably figure it out without professional help. You can even get high-tech lock systems that allow you to re-key your own locks quickly and easily. However, re-keying generally (the low-tech kind) is a fiddly bit of work, since it requires opening up the lock and moving the tiny springs and other bits around into a particular new pattern. You also need to have the right tools, and if you don't, it may be easier to just hire someone who does rather than going out and buying them. Yes, you can hire a locksmith to change/replace your locks as well, but that's usually easier to do yourself than the re-keying process.

3. Re-keying doesn't involve an upgrade or change in style

If you do want to change the aesthetics or the decor style of the door and the locks simply aren't fitting in, you can multi-task by getting new locks and perhaps new doorknobs while you're at it. This will allow you to get the look you want and any security upgrades you want as well (such as high-tech locks for all your doors). Re-keying doesn't allow for these options.

These three differences show how re-keying is suitable for some situations and simply changing the locks and perhaps the doorknobs as well can answer better in other situations. For more information and options, contact a local locksmith service, such as Georges Lock & Security Service.