Interested In Working As A College Security Officer? Here Are Some Roles You May Play

If you've successfully completed a course in security and are interested in getting hired in your field, you may find that checking out the job opportunities at colleges in your city can lead to getting hired. Colleges will often have ongoing needs for security personnel to work in a wide range of roles. Whether you get hired to specifically serve in one area or you get hired generally and get to experience a number of specific duties, working in the college environment will be a fast-paced job with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Here are some roles that you may play in your new career.

Parking Enforcement

Colleges often have a variety of parking lots that are staffed by security personnel. In some cases, you'll be stationed in a booth and control access to vehicles. In other cases, you'll patrol the lot to check if any vehicles have expired parking passes so that you can ticket the driver. If you aren't physically stationed in a parking lot, you might occasionally be dispatched to the area to deal with a vehicle that is parked illegally or help someone who cannot leave the lot because the gate is broken.

Nighttime Patrols

College administrators want their students to feel secure on campus, and to accomplish this goal, security officers will often patrol the campus at night. You may be asked to walk a standard route that students often take. This provides a visible security presence that will help students feel safe when walking from the library to their dorm, for example. Many colleges are also equipped with stations from which students can press a button to call security personnel to the scene. You may be in constant contact with a dispatcher who can route you to a designated area if the need arises.

Building Access

Many college buildings have limited access, especially after hours. Security officers are stationed in such buildings to prevent unwanted people from gaining entry. You may be seated at a security desk immediately inside a given building and be tasked with checking the ID of each person who enters and logging this information into a security system, as well as logging the person out when he or she leaves. In the case of dorms, for example, some colleges log the arrival of overnight guests for the safety of the students who live in the building, and this is an important job that falls on the shoulders of the security officers.

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