Does Your Business Really Need Security Guards? 3 Ways To Tell

Many business owners may be hesitant to hire security guards. It may seem like an extra expense that you don't really need. But in some situations, hiring a security guard can make a lot of sense and can actually be seen as a cost-saving measure. Take a look at a few signs that your business can benefit from hiring security guards.

You're Experiencing Losses Due to Theft or Fraud

If you're losing money because of theft or fraud, a security guard can save you much more money than they cost. The annual cost of shrinkage and other types of theft can be devastating for your business. The problem is not confined to large companies — research shows that the median loss due to employee theft for businesses with less than 500 employees is $280,000 per year. These losses occur across all industries.

Some industries, like retail, have to contend with external loss as well as internal shrinkage, but retail isn't the only industry that experiences these problems. Over 21 percent of these small organization losses involve companies that deal with financial services. Other affected industries include non-profits, municipalities, and labor unions.

Not only can engaging security services help you put a stop to these kinds of internal losses (as well as external losses) they can also come in handy if there's a dispute between you and an employee about the facts of a case of theft or embezzlement. Should you find yourself in court for terminating an employee suspected of theft, having a neutral third party who can testify to the facts of the case can help. A security guard who is on the payroll of a security company, and not on your payroll directly, can be seen as a credible neutral third party.

You're Concerned About Parking Lot Safety

If your employees and customers enter and leave through a parking lot, especially at night, there's a good chance that you have reason to be concerned about parking lot safety. According to The National Crime Victimization Survey, more than one in ten property crimes occur in parking lots or garages.

Even just one or two incidents of crime in your parking lot can be enough to give your location a reputation for danger, which can keep customers and clients away and cost you money. In some locations and situations, you may even be held legally liable for incidents that occur in your parking lot or garage.

You Expect a Temporary Increase in Crime or Danger

Even in normally safe locations, you may benefit from security during certain times. For example, thefts from vehicles may go up during the holiday season, so you may benefit from hiring security to monitor your parking lot during that time.

Another example of when temporary security may be needed is a one-time or limited-time event that could attract the attention of opportunistic criminals, such as a sale that will draw a lot of customers and leave your employees too busy to monitor for shoplifters.

Special events can also lead to hazards that aren't necessarily related to theft or loss. For example, it can be helpful to have security on hand if your business is hosting an event at which alcohol will be served. Security guards can serve as a deterrent to alcohol-fueled fights or belligerent patrons. They'll also be trained to handle any accidents that might arise. One benefit of using an outside security company is that you can hire them specifically for a particular season or event, without the need to keep a security guard on the payroll year-round.

Take the time to evaluate the security needs of your business. Hiring a security guard can give you peace of mind about the safety of your business, your clients, and your employees, and it may even be a cost-saving measure. Visit a site like to learn more about resolving security issues.