4 Reasons To Hire A Security Guard Separate From Your Business

If you run a business, having security in place is obviously important. In fact, there might come a point where you consider hiring a security guard for a one-time event or to stand in front of the office during business hours because you are located in a more dangerous part of town or handle large amounts of cash/expensive items. Here are four reasons you should be hiring a security guard who is separate from your business operations.

  1. They Are Well Trained: Security guards you hire from a security company or from event security services are already going to have gone through training. This way, you don't have to worry about that aspect on your end, but instead have the security you need and want right away. You can also be sure that they have already passed a background check, which ensures that they have your business's best interest and protection at heart. 
  2. You Will Comfort Your Staff: Your staff is going to feel comfortable knowing that they have a well-trained security guard present, especially if you run a business in a dangerous part of town or you handle expensive items or large sums of cash. Giving your staff this sense of security ensures that their focus can be directed on their job rather than worrying about their own safety. 
  3. You're Less Likely to Be Associated With Legal Matters: Keeping your business separate from the hiring of a security guard is also beneficial because it ensures that your business is less likely to be associated with any legal matters that come up. This includes the firing of a security guard. If you were unsatisfied with their employment, you simply turn to the company they work for rather than deal with them directly. Plus, if something were to come up and the security guard hurt someone while trying to protect your business and they are going to sue, it's likely going to be something that the security company handles because they have the insurance put in place to do so, and it will likely be written in your contract when you agree to hire work through them. 
  4. You'll Protect Your Business at all Hours: No matter what hours or days you need security, a security company will be able to provide a guard for you. This is because they will already have a list of available hours each different employee will have. So a security guard can be brought in at odd hours, even if it's last minute. 

These are just four reasons to hire a security guard from a service that is separate from your business. Add to all the added stress you will save yourself trying to hire one or two by yourself and it's definitely worth it in the end.