Prevent Theft Or Forgery From Occurring At The Finance Company That You Own

If you own a finance company and usually have a lot of cash and documents with time sensitive information on the premises, maintaining a secure office setting is crucial to prevent theft or forgery. Keep your company's safety standards up to par by implementing the following security features.

Store The Server, Printer, And Safe In A Restricted Area

Your computer system's server could provide a burglar with access to your company's passwords and financial and person information about your business, employees, and clients. If you use a modern printer to make copies of loan documents, the printer's on-board memory could leak the information printed on each document if an intruder is able to get their hands on the printer.

To avoid the possibility of losing vital information, store the server, printer, and a fire and waterproof safe in a restricted part of your building. Use the safe to store cash, insurance documents, and paperwork pertaining to your ownership of the business.

Hire a locksmith to install a keypad on the door that leads to the room where the items are stored and secure your keycard to a lanyard. Wear the lanyard around your neck during the day so that the keycard is readily available if you need to access the room where the server, printer, and safe are installed. 

Store Old Documents In A Lockbox And Use A Shredder To Destroy Documents

If you often toss expired loan documents into a waste container, anyone could pull the papers out and acquire banking information, social security numbers, or other private information that is printed on each sheet.

Purchase a shredder and a lockbox. A lockbox can be used to temporarily store documents that are no longer needed, especially during busy times when you or your employees cannot immediately shred the papers. At the end of the day, take the time to shred all of the documents. Bag up the scraps of paper before throwing them away with other trash.

Hire A Security Technician To Install Cameras

Even if there are already security cameras installed in your business, they may not be effectively covering all of the interior parts. Hire a technician from an office security services company to inspect the cameras that are currently installed and purchase new or additional cameras if the technician believes that you will benefit by doing so.

Hidden cameras can be placed near the entryway and exitway to the finance company and will allow you to monitor the comings and goings of your clients from the comfort of your office's desk chair.