Construction Security Officers Can Deal With Workers' Unexpected Confrontations With The Public

Construction sites present many hazards and risks. That's one reason why unauthorized entry cannot be permitted. Construction security officers make sure only appropriate personnel enter the front gates. Security officers also keep an eye on people hopping the fences or otherwise trying to trespass. What about potential liabilities deriving from pedestrians or drivers confronting construction workers? A trained security guard may know what to do in such a dangerous situation.

Tempers Flare Right Outside the Construction Site

Construction workers might be required to carry things in and out of the worksite. Crossing onto a sidewalk or pulling a truck away on a busy street puts workers in contact with the public. Things can go unexpectedly awry at times. Imagine if a construction worker's truck almost hit another person's car. The situation could get dangerous quickly. The upset driver may angrily confront the construction worker. In such a scenario, a security guard could:

  • Take Command of the Situation: A scenario in which the construction worker and the driver continue to take part in an escalating argument may prove disastrous. Allowing a security guard to take over can change the dynamic. The driver might be more inclined to listen to a guard considering he/she represents an authority figure.
  • Respond Appropriately During a Confrontation: The "average person" isn't commonly trained in the art of dealing with unruly people. A professional security guard is. In a confrontation, a construction worker might escalate the argument instead of diffusing it. The confrontation runs the risk of becoming physical. The construction site's management now faces all sorts of potential liabilities. A security guard won't likely make such mistakes. Proper training teaches the guard how to properly respond.
  • Provide Credible Testimony: In the event the guard can't stop a witnessed confrontation, he/she may be called to testify in a civil suit deposition or trial. Security guards with many years of experience could prove to be credible witnesses. If the guard notes the driver was both at fault and the primary instigator, the guard's testimony might undermine the plaintiff's claims.

Without effective construction security officers on the job, a minor mishap could lead to a hugely regrettable incident.

Saving Money and Avoiding Lawsuits

Security guards improve the safety at a construction site. Their ability to respond to an emergency situation further increases safety. Frequently, this helps keep a construction company from finding itself facing a costly civil suit. Consider the presence of a security guard a valuable form of litigation loss prevention.