3 Ways A COVID-19 Security Team Can Help Your Business

With the looming threat of COVID-19, it can be incredibly challenging to run a business that is open to the public. However, if you work with a security team that is trained in coronavirus detection and disinfection, you could lower the risks for your customers and help to fend off problems. Here are three ways a COVID-19 security team can help your business. 

1. Prevent New Infections

One of the most important tasks COVID-19 security teams can watch out for is sick people entering your business. In addition to using temperature guns to quickly and efficiently screen for issues like fevers, these trained security guards can also listen for coughing and watch for people who look ill. If they spot folks who are sweating or who look incredibly tired, they can talk with them about how they are feeling and about whether or not they need additional attire to keep others safe in the store, such as a protective mask. 

2. Watch For Suspected Employee Infections

Security teams can also watch out for suspected employee infections since it is possible for your employees to come into work when they aren't feeling as good as they should be to serve the public. Every day, your security team can talk with the members of your crew to screen for issues like fatigue, fever, and loss of taste and smell, which could indicate a potential problem. 

If sick team members are spotted, security personnel can help them to quickly and efficiently exit the building with all of their items in tow. They can also help you to track any exposure other workers may have had with that employee by reviewing security footage. 

3. Keep Track of PPE

With personal protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer in short supply, it can be hard enough to supply your employees with what they need, much less restock items when issues do occur. However, security teams can help you to keep track of your personal protective equipment by counting materials and distributing them to where they need to go, which can help to lower your costs in the long run. 

While it is an incredibly stressful time to be a business owner, you can fend off problems by doing what you can to work with the right security team. When you are looking for a security team, be mindful of your company culture and what kinds of personalities would gel with your existing staff. Try to find people who would blend in well and who could add value to your operation. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers COVID-19 site security.