Bulletproof Ballistics Wear To Protect Security Professionals From Threats Of Firearms

If you work in the security field, you need to be prepared for any threat. Therefore, you need the right ballistics protection when you are threatened with firearms. This can be bulletproof vests and other equipment that you may want to include as part of your standard uniform. The following bulletproof ballistics wear guide can help protect security and safety professionals from the threat of firearms:

Basic Protection with Conventional Ballistics Vests

The most common type of ballistics protection is a bulletproof vest. Today, there are several types of vests that can provide you with ballistics protection. The following bulletproof vests are options you may want to use:

  • Thin sportswear vests for low-visibility
  • Conventional ballistics vests with IIIA Protection (resistant up to 44 caliber ammunition)
  • Plate carrier vests for maximum ballistics protection

The bulletproof vests that have been developed for today's security professionals can provide various levels of protection. You want to use a vest that is designed for any of the potential threats you might face on a daily basis.

Protecting More Vital Areas with Ballistics Armor Plates

Other areas of your body need protection from firearms. Today, manufacturers of vests also make plates that can be hidden in the liners of your uniforms. Some protective armor plate styles include:

  • Shoulder and arm plates
  • Backplates
  • Leg plates

The ballistics plates can be added to the protection of your bulletproof vest. These plates can protect other exposed areas from the threat of firearms, such as shoulders, backs, and arms.

Extreme Protection with the Appropriate Headgear

There is also the need for headgear in some extreme situations. If you are in the police force or other special security force operations, you may need ballistics helmets. These helmets provide protection from head injuries due to firearms. There are also options for ballistics helmets that are less noticeable because they resemble motorcycle or sports equipment.

Liners for Clothing with Low-Visibility Bulletproof Protection

There are also liners for clothing that can be added to uniforms or civilian clothes to make ballistics armor less noticeable. Options for liners for jackets can make full-body armor less noticeable for security operations. Liner jackets can also help protect civilians that are high-profile individuals who may need protection from ballistics threats.

The right bulletproof ballistics wear will help protect you from the threat of firearms. Contact a bulletproof ballistics vest supplier for more information regarding ballistic vests and accessories.