Hosting A Charity Gala? Keep People And Things Safe With These 5 Tips

If you're putting together your first charity gala, it's important to secure attendees, auction items, and equipment. Security is vital so people can have a good time, and you should consider the following measures for your event.

Hire Armed Security Personnel

If you will have a large number of people at the gala and a number of expensive items present for a charity auction, having event security guards present is essential. You can have a heightened security presence by seeking out armed security guards. That way, should anything go wrong, you will have armed personnel on site to handle dangerous situations without waiting for local police to arrive. 

Hire a Nurse

People might also have medical emergencies during the gala. You can retain an agency nurse for the event so that if anyone becomes ill, there is a professional right there to administer assistance. The nurse can also help make decisions about whether an ambulance and hospital visit is necessary.

Use Secure ID Tags

Those with access to restricted areas should have special ID tags so that others can't access those areas. However, instead of printing regular tags, include holographic foil or QR codes that are more difficult to duplicate. Don't give out those tags until the afternoon of the event so that there is little to no time to make copies.

Create Emergency Plans

Make sure that you and your team sit down and create emergency plans for the gala. How will you evacuate people if there is a fire? How will you protect auction items if one goes missing? Work with your security personnel so that any emergency can be handled without chaos. You might even have run-throughs of different situations so that your team is prepared to handle every kind of scenario.

Tell People What to Expect

The people attending the gala should have some idea of the security measures you'll be implementing so that they aren't surprised by them. In fact, when some of the details are shared, that might deter people from doing things they ought not. You don't have to reveal all the steps you're taking to keep everyone and everything safe, but certainly let attendees know that you are protecting them during the event.

Protect the safety and security of people at a gala and auction items with these pointers. With the right personnel and planning, your charity gala can be a wonderful, safe event.