How To Find Security For Your Gated Neighborhood

In order to make sure that the gated community you manage is protected, you owe it to the residents to hire the best security available. When your property is protected, people can live in peace without any worry of potential threats. Let the tips in this article help you out when you're looking into finding security for your gated community. 

Why should you pay so much close attention to your community's security?

People love gated communities because the grounds are kept immaculately, vehicles drive at lower speeds, there's more of a sense of belonging, and the security is top-notch. Your residents have a certain expectation for security, which is why you owe it to yourself to hire professionals. 

The United States is home to roughly 1 million burglaries annually. While gated communities are more protected by nature, they're not exempt from this or any other crimes. Having security onsite greatly reduces these threats so that people in the community feel safe coming and going as they please at any time of day. The security will also be helpful at managing entries and exits so that people that don't belong on the property are kept out. 

What should you look for in a gated neighborhood security team?

Since you can see why having onsite security is so useful, it's important that you set some parameters for what you're looking for. First, determine if you need an individual security guard, or if you'd prefer hiring an entire security team. Consider the level of experience you need them to have, and whether you prefer to hire security with law enforcement or military backgrounds. 

Figure out if you want your security guard to carry a weapon, and whether or not they should have a concealed carry weapon (CCW) certification. When researching different companies, make sure that you look into their history, the credentials that they hold, and testimonials from their prior clientele. 

Are you ready to work with a professional to protect your gated community? Start touching base with a few different security companies that can let you know their experience and offer you a price sheet. Security guards will usually charge roughly $15 to $25 per hour and up. 

Keep money in your budget for these security guards, and use the tips in this article to start working toward hiring professionals that can take care of your gated neighborhood security. Talk to a security company, such as Archon Protection, if you have any questions.