5 Reasons To Hire A Fire Watch Security Guard

Certain businesses and job sites are more prone to fire due to the nature of the work and equipment used. Although it's important to have working fire safety systems and equipment in place, it is just as important to have a fire watch security guard on duty that can ensure that the utmost safety precautions are upheld at all times. 

1. Continuous Patrols

Fire watch guards work primarily onsite, which means they are on a continuous patrol through your building or job site. Unlike some security services, they do not work remotely by monitoring security cameras, but instead, patrol by foot or car. This means they can spot issues and respond quickly in person as soon as they arise. 

2. Quick Response Times

If a fire does break out, a quick response from the appropriate emergency services is necessary to minimize damages and prevent injury. Your fire watch guard will have direct access to all emergency services. Since they are onsite, they can also supervise early damage mitigation while awaiting the arrival of emergency services. This means there is very little delay in addressing an emergency if it occurs.

3. Evacuation Assistance

Danger to staff and clients is one of the most worrying issues if a fire breaks out on your job site. Fire watch security guards are trained in evacuation as well as some basic first aid. They will help develop an evacuation plan, as well as supervise the evacuation if a fire does occur. Further, they can help stabilize and tend to anyone that is injured while they await the arrival of emergency medical services.

4. Equipment Inspections

Fire safety equipment and the site itself benefit from frequent inspections to make sure that everything is working and that best practices are in place. Daily, weekly, and monthly inspections are part of the normal duties of a fire watch security guard. They will include these inspections as part of their normal rounds, so you never have to worry about something not working correctly.

5. Safety Compliance

There are rules and regulations that determine fire safety measures for your location and industry. These are overseen by both local code enforcers and federal enforcement agencies like OSHA. Your fire watch security guard will be abreast of all of the current fire safety rules and regulations, and they will ensure that everything is fully compliant at all times.

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