Ways To Improve Commercial Windows Security

Aside from allowing in natural light during the day, your commercial windows also have a security purpose to fulfill. You must be wondering how that is the case when most commercial windows are made of breakable glass. Well, even with conventional glass windows, you can make security improvements to make your business premises safer.

If you feel your windows are among the vulnerable entities opportunistic burglars can use to break into your offices, keep reading to find out ways to improve commercial windows security.

Install Contacts and Sensors

Contacts and sensors are among the most innovative commercial window security solutions every business owner should consider investing in because they signal you when your windows are being forced open. These security features especially come in handy for business complexes with many floors. Even if there's no one in a particular section of the office building, everyone can rest easy knowing that if an unauthorized person tries to forcefully open a window, an alarm will go off to warn the entire building of a possible trespasser.

Your security guards could really use window contacts and sensors to ensure the security of the entire building because these security features rule out uncertainty. As long as there is no alarm going off, the security department is assured that no window is being used as an entry point into the building.

Aim Security Cameras at High-Risk Windows

While most windows are in your security guards' line of sight, some of them can be located in blind spots. Aiming security cameras at these high-risk windows allows the security department to always have an eye on them. This way, if a burglar attempts to use them as entry points, they can stop the crime before it unfolds.

This gives employees peace of mind knowing that thieves won't sneak up on them in the middle of a workday. And if your business is running on the 24-hour economy, employees working night shifts don't have to worry about their security.

Install Metal Barriers

For a more hands-on solution for your security loopholes, consider installing metal barriers over your commercial windows. Metal reinforced windows are like firewalls that discourage burglars from even attempting a break-in. And even if they do, there's a very slim chance they'll succeed.

What's more, coupling window metal barriers with surveillance cameras and motion sensors allows your security guards to respond to any commotion by the windows before a break-in actually transpires.  

Now that you know how to improve commercial windows security, don't hesitate to contact a professional security company for upgrades.