Contracting With A Bail Bondsman To Get Out Of Jail

Committing the most minor crime can lead to having to spend some time in jail, and the experience can seem everlasting to a first-time offender. Fortunately, most inmates are eligible to post bail and get out of jail as they are awaiting trial and sentencing for the alleged crime. Even with a bail amount set by a judge, it does not necessarily mean that an inmate can afford to pay the money. When in a financial bind, most inmates turn to their loved ones to assist with bailing them out of jail. If there are not any loved ones to assist with the full bail amount, getting help from a bail bondsman is the easiest way to speed up the process of getting bailed out of jail.

A Bail Bondsman Will Want Money

Do not think that you can get bailed out of jail without paying any money by contracting with a bail bondsman. The reason is that you will still have to pay money to a bail bondsman, but he or she will only require a small percentage of the bail amount that was set by the judge. The small percentage of the bail amount can be paid in cash, or assets can be used as collateral. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay the cash on your own or use your own collateral if you know someone who is willing to handle the bail bond contract on your behalf. For example, you can call a loved one from jail and ask him or her to assist with the bail bond contract.

Your Legal Battle is Not Over Yet

You will feel as though a heavy load has been lifted off your shoulders after getting bailed out of jail by a bail bondsman. However, you should keep in mind that your legal battle has not been won yet and you have some court appearances to make. The only thing that getting bailed out of jail does is allow you to be free while you are awaiting your trial to begin. You can remain out of jail until you are officially sentenced for the alleged crime if you do not try to skip town.

You Can Go Back to Jail by Breaking Rules

If you attempt to flee and avoid getting sent back to jail, your actions will lead to you being sent back to jail with a more serious sentence. You can count on a bail bondsman sending a bounty hunter to find you if it is allowed in your specific state. When you are found, you will go straight to jail. The authorities will also try to find you to take you back to jail, so it is wise to abide by the law after getting bailed out by a bondsman.

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